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Macmillan Oil Company LLC., has been a preeminent leader in the marketing and distribution of quality fuels and lubricants since 1951.

Our extensive customer base includes retail, industrial, governmental, transit, maritime, aviation, agricultural, and residential users throughout South and Central Florida. Our reputation of serving our distinguished clientele with integrity, dependability, and personalized service has allowed us to establish strategic partnerships with our customers. These partnerships have maximized our ability to respond to our customers unique business needs and to ensure that all of our customers receive the most competitive pricing and the highest level of quality control.

We have long been dedicated to being at the forefront of innovation and technology within the fuel service industry. This commitment has resulted in the continual increase of efficiency and productivity, further allowing us to provide unsurpassed logistical support and service to our customers. It is our duty and our pleasure to contribute to the continued success of our loyal customer base. This unwavering commitment to our customers is a guarantee that Macmillan Oil will continue to provide the quality products and services required to allow each and every one of our customers to realize enduring success.